Urgent Care

Urgent care is not for an emergency or life-threatening condition. It is for services you need to prevent serious damage to your health from a sudden illness, injury or complication of a condition you already have.
Most urgent care appointments do not need pre-approval (prior authorization) and are available within 48 hours of your request for an appointment.
If the urgent care services you need require a pre-approval, you will be offered an appointment within 96 hours of your request.

For urgent care, call your PCP. If you cannot reach your PCP, call Member Services at 1-888-839-9909 (TTY: 711).
Or you can call the Nurse Advice Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays at 1-800-249-3619 (TTY 711), to learn the level of care that is best for you.

You can also chat with a nurse online for free. To access the nurse chat function, please log into the L.A. Care Connect member portal.

If you need urgent care out of the area, go to the nearest urgent care facility.
Urgent care needs could be a cold, sore throat, fever, ear pain, sprained muscle or maternity services.
You do not need pre-approval (prior authorization).

Mental Health Urgent Care

If you need mental health urgent care, visit the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health website or call their toll-free telephone number at 1-800-854-7771 or call L.A. Care Member Services at 1-888-839-9909 (TTY: 711).

You may call your county Mental Health Plan or L.A. Care any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are outside of Los Angles County, you can find the toll-free telephone numbers for all counties in California at the California Department of Health Care Services.