We Are Here to Help

L.A. Care's Care Management team is ready to help you get the most from your health care benefits. If you're dealing with a lot of health issues and things are getting too complicated, or if you find yourself constantly ending up in the hospital, we can help you organize and figure out a plan for your care.


What is Care Management?

Care management is a type of team-based approach to supporting a member who has high health risks. Care management is a free added benefit for L.A. Care members.

Our care management team is made up of nurses, care coordinators and social workers. Together, we help members to better manage high-risk medical conditions, which can involve a lot — like strict meal plans, several medications and multiple doctor visits. We also want to reduce your chances of needing to go to the emergency room or be hospitalized.

Care management works by collaborating and communicating with the member, doctors, specialists, family members and any necessary supportive and community services like transportation and housing.

Members are referred to us in several different ways, such as through hospitals, specialists or our Nurse Advice Line. Sometimes a member's family or caregiver reaches out to us. You can also contact us yourself at 1-844-200-0104 if you are interested in seeing if care management would work for you. 


Services We Offer

We collaborate with a large group of health professionals and local resources to help you:

  • understand your care if you have multiple health conditions 
  • avoid frequent emergency room visits
  • get transportation to see your doctors
  • make sense of your medications
  • navigate the health care system
  • connect with your plan benefits and resources in your community

For more details about our services, please call the Care Management staff toll-free at 1-844-200-0104, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Transitional Care Services

Medi-Cal members who experience a hospital or facility admission are eligible for the Transitional Care Services (TCS) Program. Members will receive coordination and support to ensure all needed resources and services are received at home. Learn more about the TCS program.

Care Management in Action

See how care management can make a difference. Watch the story of Elizabeth, who was experiencing homelessness until L.A. Care's care management team learned about this mother with diabetes.

Interpretation & Translation

As with all L.A. Care-related services, you can request free interpreting or translation services in your language or another format. Please call L.A. Care at 1-888-839-9909 or TTY/TDD 711 if you need these services for care management.