2024 Board and Committee Meeting Schedule - This schedule is effective as of February 3, 2023 and is subject to change.  Please check the L.A. Care events webpage for the most up to date listing of meetings.


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The next meeting is on July 25, 2024 at 1:00 PM

Please check meeting agenda for the meeting location.

2024 Board and Committee Meeting Schedule


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Meetings are accessible to people with disabilities. Individuals who may require any accommodations (alternative formats – i.e., large print, audio, translation of meeting materials, interpretation, etc.) to participate in this meeting and wish to request an alternative format for the agenda, meeting notice, and meeting packet may contact L.A. Care's Board Services Department at (213) 694-1250. Notification at least one week before the meeting will enable us to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meetings and to the related materials.


Meeting Materials

6.06.2024Board of Governors MeetingAgenda Agenda (Spanish) Meeting Packet 
5.02.2024Board of Governors MeetingAgenda  Agenda (Spanish)  Meeting Packet
4.04.2024Board of Governors MeetingAgenda Agenda (Spanish) Meeting Packet
3.07.2024Board of Governors MeetingAgenda Agenda (Spanish) Meeting Packet Special Meeting Agenda
2.01.2024Board of Governors MeetingAgenda  Agenda (SP) Meeting Packet Special Meeting Agenda
12.7.2023Board of Governors MeetingAgenda  Meeting Packet
11.2.2023Board of Governors MeetingAgenda  Agenda (SP)  Meeting Packet
10.05.2023Board of Governors MeetingAgenda Meeting Packet
09.07.2023Board of Governors RetreatAgenda Agenda (SP) Meeting Packet
07.27.2023Board of Governors MeetingAgenda  Meeting Packet 
06.01.2023Board of Governors Meeting

Agenda   Agenda (SP)

Supplemental Special Agenda 

Meeting Packet

05.04.2023Board of Governors MeetingAgenda   Agenda (SP)   Meeting Packet
04.06.2023Board of Governors MeetingAgenda   Agenda (SP)   Meeting Packet
03.02.2023Board of Governors MeetingSp Mtg Agenda   Sp Mtg Agenda (SP)  Meeting Packet   Minutes
02.02.2023Board of Governors MeetingAgenda   Agenda (SP)    Meeting Packet  Minutes