Routine Care

Routine care is regular health care.
It includes preventive care, also called wellness or well care. It helps you stay healthy and helps keep you from getting sick.

Preventive care includes regular checkups and health education and counseling. Children are able to receive much needed early preventive services like hearing and vision screening, assessments of developmental process and many more services that are recommended by pediatricians’ Bright Futures guidelines.
In addition to preventive care, routine care also includes care when you are sick.

L.A. Care covers routine care from your PCP.

Your PCP will:

  • Give you most of your routine care, including regular checkups, shots, treatment, prescriptions and medical advice
  • Keep your health records
  • Refer (send) you to specialists if needed
  • Order X-rays, mammograms or lab work if you need them

When you need routine care, you will call your doctor for an appointment. Be sure to call your PCP before you get medical care, unless it is an emergency. For an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

To learn more about the health care and services your plan covers, and what it does not cover, refer to the What Your Health Plan Covers and Child and Youth Well Care portions of this handbook.

All L.A. Care providers can use aids and services to communicate with people with disabilities. They can also communicate with you in another language or format. Tell your provider or L.A. Care what you need.