Doctors and Hospitals


You will choose your doctor to be your primary care provider (PCP) from the L.A. Care Provider Directory.
The doctor you choose must be an in-network provider.

To get a copy of the L.A. Care Provider Directory, download it from the Medi-Cal Member Materials page or call Member Services at 1-888-839-9909 (TTY: 711) to have one sent to you.

If you are choosing a new doctor, you should also make sure the PCP you want is taking new patients.

If you had a doctor before you were a member of L.A. Care, and that doctor is not part of the L.A. Care network, you may be able to keep that doctor for a limited time. This is called continuity of care. You can learn more in the Continuity of Care section of this handbook or call L.A Care Member Services at 1-888-839-9909 (TTY: 711). 

If you need a specialist, your PCP will refer you to a specialist in the L.A. Care network. Some specialists do not require a referral. For more information on referrals, go to the Referrals section of this handbook.

Remember, if you do not choose a PCP, L.A. Care will choose one for you, unless you have comprehensive other health coverage in addition to Medi-Cal. You know your health care needs best, so it is best if you choose.
If you are in both Medicare and Medi-Cal, or if you have other health care insurance, you do not have to choose a PCP.

If you want to change your PCP, you must choose a PCP from the L.A. Care Provider Directory.
Be sure the PCP is taking new patients.

To change your PCP, call L.A. Care Member Services at 1-888-839-9909 (TTY: 711). 


In an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

If it is not an emergency and you need hospital care, your PCP will decide which hospital you go to. You will need to go to a hospital that your PCP uses and is in the L.A. Care provider network. The hospitals in the L.A. Care network are listed in the Provider Directory