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Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings

Special Notice

Meetings: Following the COVID-19-related orders of local and state leaders, L.A. Care has cancelled all non-essential Board advisory committee meetings (RCAC, ECAC, TAC, CHCAC) until further notice. Please continue to check here for updated information.

We will host essential meetings of the Board of Governors and its committees by remote teleconferencing. 

Please listen to these meeting from home while practicing social distancing. The public is encouraged to submit comments in writing for these meetings. You can e-mail public comments to Board Services. You can also send a text or leave a voicemail at 1-213-628-6420. These instructions will be included in meeting agendas.

The text or email should let us know if you wish to be identified or remain anonymous. Please include the nature of the item to which your comment relates. This helps us determine if it is a general comment or related to a specific meeting agenda item. 

You can send your comment any time BEFORE the Board meeting discussion of that topic and it will be presented to the Board members during the meeting. The presider at the meeting will announce when public comment period is over.  


Board Seat Nomination

Application Deadline Extended by Default: Advisory Committees (ECAC and RCAC) are not meeting during the current public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. ECAC has not voted to close the nominations for the Board Seat election. The April 10 deadline is extended by default until further notice.

The deadline for submission of applications for Board Seat nominations is extended by default until further notice. Applications will continue to be accepted for the Board Seat nominations until further notice.


03.22.23 Agenda   Meeting Packet
02.22.23 Agenda   Meeting Packet

Agenda  Meeting Packet

Supplemental Special Agenda  Minutes

11.15.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet  Minutes
10.25.22 Agenda   Meeting Packet  Minutes
09.20.22 Agenda   Meeting Packet  Minutes
08.23.22 Agenda   Meeting Packet  Minutes
06.28.22 Agenda   Meeting Packet  Minutes
05.24.22 Agenda   Meeting Packet  Minutes
04.26.22 Agenda   Meeting Packet  Minutes
Finance & Budget
03.22.23 Agenda   Meeting Packet
02.22.23 Agenda   Meeting Packet
01.24.23 Agenda  Meeting Packet   Minutes
11.15.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet   Minutes
10.25.22 Agenda   Meeting Packet   Minutes
09.20.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet   Minutes
08.23.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet   Minutes
06.28.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet  Minutes
05.24.22 Agenda   Meeting Packet  Minutes
04.26.22 Agenda   Meeting Packet  Minutes
Compliance & Quality

Agenda  Meeting Packet  Supplemental Special Meeting Agenda 

2022 Quality Improvement Annual Evaluation Draft  2023 Quality Improvement Program Description Draft

2.16.23 Agenda  Meeting Packet  
1.19.23 Agenda  Meeting Packet  Supplemental Special Meeting Agenda
11.17.22 Agenda   Meeting Packet Supplemental Special Meeting Agenda
10.20.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet  Special Meeting Agenda  Minutes
9.15.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet  Minutes
8.18.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet  Minutes
7.21.22 Notice of Cancellation
6.16.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet  Minutes
5.19.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet  Minutes
4.19.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet  Minutes
3.17.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet  Minutes
10.16.19 Agenda
12.21.22 Agenda  Meeting Packet
08.04.22 Agenda   Meeting Packet   Minutes
Service Agreement
12.5.19 Agenda
11.7.19 Agenda