Health Education/ Cultural & Linguistic Services Tools

As a benefit of partnering with L.A. Care, we offer you and your patients several types of health education, cultural and lingustic resources.

Health Education Materials For Your Patients

We proudly offer health education materials that are medically accurate, culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate. 

To order materials please visit our self-service portal. If you are a first time user, you will need to create a new account (this is different from your L.A. Care Provider Portal account). All contracted providers may order these health education materials at no cost.

Order Health Education and Cultural & Linguistic Materials

Note: You can request written health education material in your patients preferred language or alternative formats such as large print. To begin the request for alternative format of written health education materials for members please email us.

Health Education Classes For Your Patients

L.A. Care Health Plan makes available health education services at no cost to direct line of business members. Health education consults are provided over the telephone, virtually or by group appointments. Topics include smoking cessation, weight management, diabetes self-management and more.

Consults with a Registered Dietitian for Medical Nutrition Therapy for common conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, are also available by provider referral. If you would like to refer members for Health Education or Medical Nutrition Therapy, please complete the respective form and fax it to us.

In addition, free wellness classes are available for members and the community at L.A. Care’s Family Resource Centers and Community Resource Centers located in East L.A., El Monte, Inglewood, Lincoln Heights, Long Beach, Lynwood, Metro L.A., Norwalk, Pacoima, Palmdale, Pomona, South L.A., Wilmington, and Westside. Our most popular classes are exercise and healthy cooking.

Programs For Your Patients with Asthma, COPD, Diabetes/CKD and/or a High-Risk Pregnancy

Health Education specifically manages three disease support programs for asthma, diabetes, CKD, COPD, and high risk pregnancy. These focus on education and resources. We will send out letters monthly to newly identified members, and each member will receive the letter only once.

Things to know about the support programs:

  • The welcome letter will have details on how to create an account for L.A. Care’s health and wellness portal, My Health in Motion™ (MyHIM).
  • MyHIM houses multiple resources including health education materials and videos, access to health coaches via messaging, and self-paced workshops.
  • Members who are unable to access MyHIM online can still receive health education materials and telephone consults. 

To refer a patient, please complete the Health Education, Cultural and Linguistic Services Referral Form.

Prenatal and Postpartum Care Tools and Resources

Patient care during pregnancy is integral to healthy birth outcomes.  The following perinatal provider materials can support navigating the timeliness of prenatal and postpartum care for your patients.  Learn about HEDIS timelines, scheduling visits, and services for pregnant members.

Perinatal health providers can reduce pregnancy-related preventable deaths, severe illnesses, and associated health disparities by addressing implicit bias.

Access learning modules addressing birthing bias in California.

Diabetes and Cultural Foods Guide

Food choices may be influenced by one’s culture, beliefs, life experiences and level of acculturation. Inappropriate assumptions may impact any advice and decision-making on diet and nutrition. Support your ability to counsel patients with diabetes of various cultural backgrounds with the Diabetes and Cultural Foods Guide. Learn about common beliefs and practices, and consider dietary suggestions for each of the four cultural groups represented in this guide: Hispanic/Latino, African American, Middle Eastern and Asian.

Diabetes and Cultural Foods Guide

Cultural group characteristics and nutrition-based suggestions presented in this guide are general, and are no substitute for a full nutrition intervention. The Health Education Department at L.A. Care has registered dietitians who can provide comprehensive telephonic and virtual nutrition consults upon referral. To refer L.A. Care members for nutrition consultation on common conditions and other services, please find our Medical Nutrition Therapy Referral Form, Health Education Referral Form and the Medically Tailored Meals Referral Form here.

Provider Toolkit for Serving Diverse Populations

The following toolkit will assist you in providing high quality, effective, and compassionate care to your patients and help you meet the changing service requirements as required by state and federal regulatory agencies:

Complete Toolkit – Better Communication, Better Care: Provider Tools to Care for Diverse Populations

The toolkit contents are organized in four sections which contain helpful information and tools that can be reproduced and used as needed:

Section A: Resources to Assist Communication with A Diverse Patient Population Base

Section B: Resources to Communicate Across Language Barriers

Section C: Resources to Increase Awareness of Cultural Backgrounds and its Impact on Health Care Delivery

Section D: Reference Resources for Culturally and Linguistic Services