Provider Recruitment Program

PRP Grant Opportunities Have Been Expanded To Include Rolling Deadline Grants Available Throughout The Year. Access Details of L.A. Care's Expanded PRP Grantmaking Process

L.A. Care's Elevating the Safety Net is a long-term initiative to recruit high-quality primary care providers into the Los Angeles County safety net. Each recruit could care for up to 2,000 new patients per year.

The Elevating the Safety Net Provider Recruitment Program (PRP) is one part of this initiative. The program provides grant funds that will allow contracted entities within L.A. Care's Medi-Cal network to better compete with practices outside of the safety net.



The purpose of the Provider Recruitment Program (PRP), a component of the Elevating the Safety Net initiative, is to increase health care access for low-income populations in Los Angeles County by providing grant funds to attract new primary care providers to L.A. Care's Medi-Cal network, and to fill newly created positions that increase health care access to low-income populations in L.A. County.  The program is open to entities contracted with L.A. Care, including independent private practices. The PRP grant program is designed to recruit five types of disciplines practicing in primary care settings, including: (1) pediatricians, (2) OB/GYNs, (3) family and (4) internal medicine physicians, and (5) psychiatrists. 



Eligible non-profit and private clinic applicants may request up to $125,000 per physician.  Funds can be used for salary and benefits subsidies, sign-on bonuses, and/or relocation costs, but at least 50% of the approved allocation must be used for salary and benefits subsidies.

Regardless of whether PRP funding is received through a Scheduled Cycle or through the Rolling Deadline Grant process, contracted entities are limited to funding no more than three providers in any L.A. Care fiscal year, which starts October 1 and ends September 30 of the following calendar year.  



There are two ways to apply for PRP grants: (1) Scheduled Cycle Grants and (2) Rolling Deadline Grants. 
  1. PRP Scheduled Cycle Grants – This is a competitive application process held twice a year (October and March) for clinics/entities that have not yet hired physicians. Grant awards provide contingency funding based on the eventual hiring of a PRP qualified physician. There is a scheduled date for application submission, with a turnaround time of approximately three months for award announcements. To inquire about Scheduled Cycle application dates, please send an email to
  2. PRP Rolling Deadline Grants – This is an application process available anytime during the fiscal year intended to expedite grant decisions and deploy funds into clinics sooner. This  grant opportunity is available to entities that have already hired a PRP eligible provider and that has started employment prior to application submission. Turnaround time for decisions is approximately three weeks from application submission, with funds available approximately four weeks after a fully executed grant agreement.
To learn more about eligibility criteria, application submission process, and answers to frequently asked questions related to the two PRP grantmaking approaches, access the PRP Overview and Instructions for Prospective Applicants Document.
To find out when we will host a conference call to provide details and answer questions about the grant application process, please send an email to
Additionally, applicants are highly encouraged to refer new physicians to L.A. Care's Medi-Cal network to L.A. Care's Elevating the Safety Net Provider Loan Repayment Program (PLRP). The PLRP provides loan repayments of up to $5,000 per month for 36 months, with an opportunity to extend for an additional two (2) years. Learn more about PLRP.


Before applying, review the PRP Overview and Instructions for Prospective Applicants Document carefully as it provides all pertinent details regarding grant eligibility, requirements, etc. If you would like to apply for the upcoming regular PRP Scheduled Cycle XV Grant, the application cycle is open from October 19, 2023 through November 16, 2023. Please check details on how to apply at that time.

If you would like to submit a request for PRP Scheduled Cycle Grant Application Materials or for PRP Rolling Deadline Grant Application Materials, please send an email to

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