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Smiling children in school hallway

Kids Are Heading Back To School...

It's Time For A Check-Up!

School starts soon, which means it’s time for your child’s yearly check-up.

Kids need a check-up every year

Check-ups are important to your child’s health. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids ages 3 and up get a check-up every year. Your child’s primary care provider (PCP) will track his/her growth, discuss any health concerns, and answer your questions.

female child being examined by smiling female doctor
Why Your Child Should Get an Annual Physical

doctor iconAt an Annual Physical, your child will receive scheduled immunizations which prevent serious illnesses. 

Your provider will tell you how much your child has grown since their last visit and discuss other aspects of your child's development including milestones, social behaviors and learning. The pediatrician can also speak with you and your child about proper nutrition and other ways to stay healthy.


Shots are required for your child to go to school

Make sure your child is up to date on vaccinations or shots. To learn more about California’s immunization requirements for kids, ask his/her school or school district. Some districts also require students to get a physical to attend school or play sports. If you have a little one, take them along to get their shots, too!

Make an appointment now

Schedule you child’s check-up or physical today. Call the phone number on the front of your child’s L.A. Care card. Routine visits will make sure your child has a bright and healthy start for school.

Physicals may also be available at school clinics.