Principles on Social Justice and Systemic Racism

Statement by the Board of Governors of L.A. Care Health Plan*

L.A. Care and its Board of Governors (L.A. Care) stand proudly with Black, Indigenous, and all other People of Color (BIPOC) in America. We do not tolerate racism or discrimination in any form — we denounce anti-Blackness and the systemic oppression of all BIPOC in America and abroad.

L.A. Care acknowledges the pain, anger, fear, and frustration caused by the senseless deaths of countless BIPOC and acts of discrimination toward BIPOC communities. These terrible tragedies have repeatedly exposed persistent and divisive systemic racism and inequity impacting BIPOC communities. We also stand in solidarity with our health care and safety net partners who, every day, respond to members affected by racial injustice and inequity. America's growing social justice movement tells us in no uncertain terms that we are at a pivotal moment in our history. L.A. Care has not, and will not, ignore the long unresolved issues of racism and inequity that have burdened all BIPOC communities. Actions, not words, are what is needed now. L.A. Care is committed to supporting our employees, members, providers, and the communities in which they all live — to listen to them, learn from them, and take action.

In addition to continuing to listen and learn from our BIPOC employees, members, and providers, L.A. Care has implemented and is actively working on the following and more:

  • an Equity Council which will focus on equity issues and topics related to our L.A. Care employees and members and our contracted provider network and vendors.
  • advocacy work for social justice, and including these efforts in our policy agenda.
  • an Equity and Resilience Initiative that will support community-based organizations working to mitigate the impact of health care inequities among racially marginalized individuals and communities.
  • a partnership with the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations.

While our organization cannot solve these challenges alone, we are starting with our family of employees, members, providers, and community stakeholders who have shared their perspectives now reflected in this statement. We will look internally to ensure that our own work environment is free of any racism or discrimination. Working together we can aspire to achieve an America that is truly fair, equitable, inclusive, and just — for all.

*Adopted by the L.A. Care Board of Governors on July 30, 2020.