Updated May 26: Coronavirus information for membersproviders and resource center visitors.

Health Advisories

L.A. Care maintains a strong commitment to helping our Provider Network stay informed of news alerts regarding communicable diseases within Los Angeles County. Below you will find an ongoing list of Health Advisories and associated required actions. 

May 12, 2020

LAC DPH Health Alert: Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome Potentially Associated with COVID-19


May 8, 2020

LAC DPH Health Advisory: Maintaining Immunizations During COVID-19 Pandemic and Resuming Deferred Preventive Care


May 1, 2020

LAC DPH Health Advisory: COVID-19 Revised Isolation Period and Clinical Symptoms


April 22, 2020

LAC DPH Health Advisory: Expanding Testing and Universal Source Control


April 16, 2020

LAC DPH Health Advisory: SARS-CoV-2 Serology


April 7, 2020

LAC DPH Health Advisory: Notification of Close Contacts; Importance of COVID-19 Death and Case Reporting


April 2, 2020

LAC DPH Health Update: Revised COVID-19 Exposure Period


March 30, 2020

Notice to Providers Prescribing Controlled Substances Re: Telehealth

On March 16, 2020, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) published a COVID-19 Information Page on the Diversion Control Division website, providing guidance on prescribing controlled substances. The public health emergency exemption allows the prescribing of controlled substances via telemedicine without a prior in-person exam.

Learn more by viewing the telemedicine section of the DEA's COVID-19 Information Page or read the COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions: Medication-Assisted Treatment and Telehealth from the Department of Health Care Services.


March 28, 2020

LAC DPH Advisory: Ambulatory Patients with COVID-19, Healthcare Personnel Monitoring


March 25, 2020

LAC DPH Alert: Preserving Critical Supplies and Resources; New COVID-19 Mortality Reporting


March 19, 2020

LAC DPH: COVID-19 Testing, Isolation and Quarantine, and Health Care Worker Monitoring Recommendations


March 11, 2020

LAC DPH: Coronavirus Disease 2019 Testing and Revised Infection Prevention Guidance (updated March 14)


March 6, 2020

LAC DPH: COVID-19 Clinical Laboratory Testing, Reporting, PPE, HCW Exposure Monitoring


March 4, 2020

LAC DPH: COVID-19 Guidance-Optimizing N95 Supplies and Managing Mild Illness


February 29, 2020

LAC DPH: Revised Evaluation Criteria for COVID-19


February 1, 2020

CDC Health Update: Update and Interim Guidance on Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)


September 24, 2019

CDPH Health Advisory: Vaping Related Lung Illness: A Summary of the Public Health Risks and Recommendations for the Public


August 28, 2019

CDPH Health Update: Vaping-Associated Pulmonary Injury


May 24, 2019

LAC DPH Health Update: Measles Situation Update and Revised Clinical Guidance


April 26, 2019

LAC DPH Health Update: Measles Prevention in Los Angeles County


April 23, 2019

LAC DPH Health Alert: Measles Outbreak in Los Angeles County


October 21, 2016

Issue Brief: Meningococcal Disease Outbreak Advisory


February 2, 2016

Issue Brief: Zika Virus Infection


February 6, 2015

Issue Brief: Measles Outbreak in Los Angeles County


October 23, 2014

Issue Brief: Ebola Resources