LAC DPH Health Update: Revised COVID-19 Exposure Period

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LAC DPH) issued a health update on April 2, 2020. This update revises the time period that a patient with COVID-19 is considered infectious, affecting isolation and quarantine orders.

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Key Messages


  • LAC DPH has revised the time period that a patient with COVID-19 is considered infectious to begin 48 hours before symptom onset instead of from the first day of symptom onset. This is based on new recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • The recent Health Officer orders have been revised to require that individuals with presumed or confirmed COVID-19 notify all persons with whom they had close contact beginning 48 hours before their symptom onset.
  • Laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases can now be reported by sending the Medical Provider COVID-19 Report Form to a dedicated COVID-19 fax line (310-605-4274) as well as by secure email (see Reporting for more information).




Los Angeles County DPH Acute Communicable Disease Control:

  • List of conditions reportable by providers: updated on 3-24-20 to include reporting diseases by email (using secure transmission), and for COVID-19, reporting deaths and cases to specific email addresses. Healthcare providers must report all positive COVID-19 laboratory results to LAC DPH (except for tests performed at the Public Health Lab).
  • Report a death associated with COVID-19: by phone or secure email immediately. Telephone 1-888-397-3993 or 1-213-240-7821 or complete the Novel Coronavirus Death Report form and send via email  (using secure transmission to
  • Report all other COVID-19 cases: by completing the Medical Provider COVID-19 Report Form and sending by fax to 310-605-4274 or send by secure email to
  • Laboratory Reporting: The list of reportable conditions that laboratories must report was revised on 3-24-20. All novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) results must be reported electronically within one working day. Positive specimens must be submitted to the Public Health Laboratory.


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