Ebola Resources

The risk of the spread of Ebola in California remains low. However, as a precautionary measure, L.A. Care has gathered resources to provide current information on the disease, safe management of patients with Ebola and best practices. At the present time, no confirmed cases have been identified in California.

American Medical Association:

  • Ebola Resource Center to find materials on:
    • Understanding the virus
    • Preparing your hospital or practice
    • Screening and diagnosing Ebola
    • Treating patients with the virus

Please note: These materials are current as of October 20, 2014. Users should consult the Centers for Disease Control (CDC ) or the LACDPH on the day they access this information to get the most current information or version that may now be available.

To report suspected Ebola cases

To report a suspected Ebola case or to ask questions, call the LACDPH Acute Communicable Diseases Program at (213) 240-7941 during business hours or (213) 974-1234 after hours. For suspected cases in Pasadena or Long Beach, call your local Health Department.