L.A. Care Sponsors the 2021 KLJH Men’s Empowerment Summit to Address the Science of the COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately impacted communities of color, and yet Black communities are the least likely to be vaccinated. This weekend, L.A. Care is proud to sponsor Let’s Take a Shot, a panel discussion focusing on the science of the COVID-19 vaccines, with experts to debunk the myths and misinformation that are keeping people from getting a life-saving vaccine. The panel is part of KJLH 2021 Men’s Empowerment Summit: Protect the Black Man.

The Let’s Take a Shot panel will be moderated by Dr. Auleria Eakins, L.A. Care’s Manager of Community Outreach and Engagement. Panelists include:

  • Oliver Brooks, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Watts Healthcare Corporation
  • Jerry Abraham, MD, MPH, Director of Vaccines, Kedren Community Health Center
  • Justin Hudson, Organizational Development Analyst, L.A. Care Health Plan

The panelists will discuss why many in the Black community don’t trust the vaccines and ways that they can change the narrative in that community. The history of distrust in health care providers within the Black community will be addressed, as the panelists explain that the Black community has been disproportionately shut out of health care services. They will discuss the need for trusted advisors to get the facts out to the community.

Panelists will also explain that, while the vaccine production was rapid, it was done efficiently and safely. And now with billions of doses of vaccines administered around the world, the efficacy is confirmed. The importance of masking is another issue that will be discussed, as well as the need to return to routine care.

The panel, which was pre-taped, will be available on the KJLH website tomorrow.