L.A. Care and the L.A. County Office of Violence Prevention to Help Health Care Professionals Address Gun Violence

As the leading cause of premature death in the United States, gun violence is a public health crisis, and the American Public Health Association says it’s time for healthcare providers to address it head on. L.A. Care Health Plan and the Los Angeles County Office of Violence Prevention are doing just that. They are hosting a training titled Prioritizing Patient Safety by Reducing Firearm Injury and Death.

Alex Li, MD, the Chief Health Equity Officer at L.A. Care, will join other healthcare professionals as they explore the significant role healthcare providers can play in reducing firearm injuries and saving lives. Li will discuss how L.A. Care has prioritized gun safety by hosting a summit last year where community members, healthcare providers, school administrators, and other stakeholders came up with potential solutions to address gun violence. And he’ll let attendees know that the L.A. Care board unanimously approved a resolution on federal gun safety legislation.

By the end of the training, attendees will have the information and tools to start taking steps to prevent gun violence. During the training, attendees will get the data on firearm deaths and injuries, with special attention paid to the impact it has on young people in this country. Speakers will explain the role of healthcare providers in firearm safety efforts, with information about available interventions. They will learn how to engage, educate and screen patients to reduce the risk of firearm-related harm. 

Experts from the Office of Violence Prevention, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, the Poway Weapons and Gear Range, and UC Davis will conduct the training. 

The training is:
Saturday, November 18
8:30 am – 1:00 pm
The Alhambra Auditorium
1000 S. Fremont Avenue
Building A7
Alhambra, CA

You can register for the free training here

The training hours qualify for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit for attendees.