How You Can Help

There are many different ways to support others if you would like to help during this time. Here are some of the organizations and agencies in need for your support and participation in the fight against COVID-19.


Join the Fight Against COVID-19 by Becoming a COVID-19 Community Ambassador!

The L.A. County Department of Public Health is offering the COVID-19 Community Ambassador Program to support individuals with accurate and shareable resources to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  

Becoming a COVID-19 Community Ambassador is easy: You will be provided with a short training on staying safe and keeping communities safe from COVID-19. You'll receive a Certificate of Completion along with a free branded community ambassador face covering, a pin, and a COVID-19 Directory Card for commonly used phone numbers in English or Spanish.

The program includes additional video training modules, virtual town halls with Public Health experts, and updates on relevant topics such as the COVID-19 vaccine, variants, and prevention.

Nearly 3,000 L.A. County residents have already joined this ambassador program!

This program is available to all L.A. County residents and there is no age restriction for participation. The program does not formally train or deputize residents to take personal action in instances of non-compliance. 

Become a COVID-19 Community Ambassador


Take part in Angelenos in Action! Help track COVID-19 symptoms and slow the spread in our communities.

Angelenos in Action is a new voluntary, text message-based, public health survey of Los Angeles County residents. The goal is to find out how COVID-19 is affecting our health in real time, and identify the areas and communities most in need of resources.

Once a week, survey participants will get a yes/no question about how you are feeling. If you feel unwell, you'll get two more yes/no questions about COVID-19-like symptoms. That's it!

Participating takes a bit of your time, but you'll be helping in a big way. L.A. County residents over the age of 18 can sign up to participate in the survey. Your information and data will be completely private, and you can stop participating anytime.

Ready to sign up? Start at Angelenos in Action or text @PROTECT to 35134. Want more info? Visit the County's program page to see details.


Organizations like Project Angel Food and the LA Regional Food Bank are working hard to meet the needs of those impacted by COVID-19, as well as individuals who typically need their assistance.

Learn more about how to donate, volunteer or support their efforts by going to Project Angel Food or the L.A. Regional Food Bank.


COVID-19 has put all of us under a lot of stress. It's been challenging to our spirits, and can wear any one down.

You can also help others by sharing information about how to cope and where to get support. There are many resources offering tips for dealing with stress, free meditation programs, peer support, crisis counseling, as well as mental health services.

We have a listing of some of these resources in our Self-Care and Coping section.

You can also search for local mental health resources in L.A. Care Community Link.