Become an Advocate

If you are a doctor, nurse, nonprofit advocate or other health care provider that works with L.A. Care members, we need your help.

Our Regional Community Advisory Committees (RCACs) let us hear from our members, but we also want to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Regional Community Advisory Committee (RCAC)?

Each RCAC is made up of L.A. Care members, doctors, nurses, nonprofit advocates and other health care providers. They give us advice on how to serve L.A. Care members and their communities. RCAC members also learn about health care topics such as asthma and diabetes, and they are taught how to make sure they are getting the best health care possible.

Who can join a RCAC?
  • Members of L.A. Care Health Plan
  •  Parents or legal guardians of L.A. Care members
  •  Advocates who works for community organizations that serve L.A. Care members
  •  Doctors, nurses and other health care providers who care for L.A. Care members
What happens at RCAC meetings?

Each RCAC meeting includes a speaker on an important health topic, as well as training and advocacy opportunities. You're invited to come and discover for yourself how rewarding RCAC meetings can be. View our Public Advisory Committee Meetings section to review agendas and meeting minutes. 

How many RCACs are there?

There are 11 RCACs in Los Angeles County, which are based upon geographic location. Where you live determines which RCAC you can join.

How often does each RCAC meet?

Every other month, or six times a year.

Do I get paid for being a RCAC member?

Being a RCAC member is voluntary, so you do not get paid. 

What is the Executive Community Advisory Committee (ECAC)?

The Executive Community Advisory Committee (ECAC) is an advisory committee to L.A. Care's Board of Governors. The 11 RCAC Chairs form the ECAC. The ECAC committee advises the Board of Governors about things that should be changed to help serve the community better.

How do I join a RCAC?

Send us a message if you would like more information about the RCACs and if you are interested in joining.