Where the Industry Is Going

Where the industry is going

Some of the current trends in the overall marketplace that are helpful to keep in mind include:

  • Generally, the amount of financial aid available to consumers throughout the region will increase in 2017.
  • Some 20% of all current enrollees are Bronze level plan members.
  • Another 13% are enrolled in standard Silver level plans.
  • Nearly 60% of enrollees take advantage of the enhanced Silver level plans that feature cost-sharing reductions.
  • Enrollee ethnicity is split fairly evenly across white (30%), Latino (31%) and Asian (27%).
  • A continuing growing enrollment in the 18-34 age segment, with 31% growth since the launch of the exchange.
  • A full 51% of enrollees in 2016 used a certified insurance agent, representing a steady increase from 39% in 2014, when the exchange launched.