The Top Six Reasons to Grow Your Business with L.A. Care

The Top Six Reasons

At L.A Care, we understand your need to grow. For that reason, we’ve built into our business model the different kinds of support you need to do just that, because helping you grow your business is good for L.A. Care.

1. L.A. Care's Commission Structure

First and foremost, we’re one of the highest commission paying plans throughout Covered California™ in Los Angeles County. L.A. Care currently pays a full 7% for the first year and 5.5% for a continuous renewal.

Being one of the highest commission paying plans is important to us because we believe that we will all find the greatest success by working together.

2. Angelenos Helping Our Own

L.A. Care is the largest publicly operated plan in the United States with over 2 million members throughout Los Angeles County. In fact, we’re the only health care plan that focuses exclusively on Los Angeles County. 

As such, we can – and are proud to – provide a localized customer service center for the agent community, one that is 100% committed to agent needs and satisfaction.

3. L.A. Care Silver Plans Are Your Best Opportunity For Growth

L.A. Care Covered™ Silver has been ranked the second most affordable plan in Los Angeles County for the 2017 Open Enrollment Period. At the same time, the Covered California Trend™ has shown that existing enrollees like both its coverage and its lower pricing. 

Within Los Angeles County, approximately 70% of overall enrollment is within the silver plans. Therefore, we’ve made the L.A. Care Covered™ Silver and the Silver Enhance Plans a priority as one of your best opportunities for growth this year.

4. My Health in Motion Rewards Program

L.A. Care will reward your L.A. Care Covered™ members for taking the right steps to improve their health. By participating in L.A. Care’s My Health In Motion Program and successfully completing their health appraisal survey, health coaching plan, tobacco cessations workshop (if a smoker), and healthy weight workshop, L.A. Care Covered™ members can earn up to 215 points (1 point = $1 in gift cards).

Besides the gift card rewards, members soon learn that participating in the My Health In Motion rewards program pays other benefits as well. It gives members a real sense of empowerment as they learn that they can take some measurable control over their health by following through on clearly defined and achievable goals.

5. Support In The Community

L.A. Care’s Family Resource Centers offer a vibrant space for community members to come together and learn skills for a healthy life. The centers offer free health education and exercise classes that are open to everyone.

6. Expanded Provider Network

L.A. Care continues to grow its network to expand the number of doctors, hospitals and medical groups within its provider network. Since 2013, it has more than doubled the number of participating hospitals and expanded its contracts with medical groups, which includes Health Care Partners. L.A. Care has also exponentially increased the number of primary care physicians and specialists in its network.

The impressive list of available L.A. Care Covered hospitals includes highest-quality, top-ranked institutions like Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Glendale Adventist Medical Center and San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, among others.

At L.A. Care, we always strive to grow and we always strive to serve both our members and our agents. As we pursue our goal of providing better medical care to more people in our community, we never forget that we are strongest and our goals are most achievable when we work shoulder to shoulder with prospects, our sales team, and the physicians and hospitals who serve our community.