Tips for Young Agents

Are you a new L.A. Care Sales Agent? You might have an advantage!

You may be young or new to health care insurance sales, but that does not mean you cannot have great success. Here are a few tips to help you build your customer base. 

Tips for Young Agents

Acknowledge your age

The best way to avoid a prospect writing you off because of your age is to bring it up before they do. Make a joke about it. Talk about the fact that you are new to the industry. And then explain why your customer should not be concerned: you are well-trained, you always ask questions when you do not know the answer, you will work harder than anyone else to make sure they are satisfied, and you have the L.A. Covered portfolio in your briefcase – a solid affordable product from a community-based organization that cares about every individual they insure.

Find common interests

No matter who your prospect is and how different they may seem from you, you can always find a common interest. Do you both like the same baseball team? Have a dog? Love ice-cream? Find a point of connection and use it to help you sell. People love to do business with people they like.

Sell to other young people

If there is any group of people with whom you have a definite advantage, it is other young people. They want to buy from their peers — someone who speaks their language.

In addition, when you are new, you are full of enthusiasm. Harness that –– show your prospects why you are excited about the L.A. Care product line. Chances are good that if you genuinely feel it, they will feel it, too.