Tips for Closing Sales

Close that sale! 4 Proven Keys to Success

Ready to start turning every prospect into an L.A. Care member and increase your commissions? Here’s how.

Close that sale! 4 Proven Keys to Success

Start with listening

It is impossible to sell anyone anything until you know what they need. Ask questions about their lifestyle, family, and concerns so you can find out what is important to them, their current challenges and future worries. Your focus on them and their needs will show how committed you are to helping.

People buy what they understand

When you are selling insurance, the client must fully understand their risk and why what you are offering is important to them. Be able to clearly explain this every time. 

Sell solutions, not products 

When it comes to health care insurance, at some point in life everyone needs it. None of us knows when that time will be, so the time to have health insurance is now.

Instead of focusing on the technical aspects of the policy, explain how your offering will meet the prospect’s current and anticipated needs and bring them peace of mind. Make sure they fully understand all of the aspects of the policy.

Check in along the way

Once you have explained how your product can meet their needs, ask them how they feel about what you have told them. Find out if they have any questions or concerns. Ask what more information they may need. This allows your prospect to point you to exactly where you need to supplement your pitch. 

And if you still meet resistance, you can always go back to your prospect’s initial concerns and readdress them, reminding them that you have listened to what they need and are truly partnering with them to help.