L.A. Care Continues to Grow in Membership and L.A. Care Covered Providers


Here’s some news to make you proud – L.A. Care recently passed the two-million member mark, representing a 16% increase over the past year. L.A. Care is now not only the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan, but also L.A. County’s largest insurer. This spring, the Los Angeles Business Journal ranked L.A. Care Health Plan as L.A. County’s “Top Health Insurer.”

The significant growth is due in large part to the explosive growth in Medi-Cal coverage made possible by the Affordable Care Act. 

This is just the latest evidence that L.A. Care is living up to its reputation as a leader in developing new programs through innovative partnerships, that provide health coverage to vulnerable populations, to strengthen our community’s safety net.

L.A. Care Covered members also benefit from the growth in its network of hospitals – a 50% increase from 40 to 60 – and its network of medical groups, up from 30 to 32.

Now that’s news worth spreading!