L.A. Care Covered Sales Tips

Sales Tips

Dress like a professional

If you dress like the professional that you are, clients will take you seriously. 

You’ll send a signal that you’re serious about your work and about your clients.

Find common ground

No matter how different a new prospect might seem, there are probably many things you share. Finding common ground makes a difference.

Ask yourself some easy questions to discuss:

Did you grow up in the same neighborhood? Do you shop at the same kinds of stores?

What sports do you both follow? Who are your favorite teams?

Do you both have tight-knit families? Children?

Find connections and before long you will no longer be strangers. You will have the beginning of a relationship that benefits you and your client.

Set the right tone in your sales meetings

Setting the right tone is all about attitude.

The right tone communicates:

  • Respect – let the client know you  won’t waste their time on something unimportant
  • Seriousness – let the client know you believe in your offering’s value
  • Enthusiasm – let the client know you have a potential game changer for them, something you believe in, too

Set the right tone to set the right deal.