How All L.A. Care Covered Consumers Will Benefit From the My Health In Motion Program

My Health In Motion Program

You can help members get and stay healthy by introducing them to a fun new program for L.A. Care members called My Health In Motion.

The new program can be accessed through the L.A. Care member health and wellness website. It encourages members to set realistic goals and complete positive, health-related activities.

Such activities include completing an online health appraisal, completing an online tobacco cessation workshop, and participating in an online healthy weight workshop, among others.

While encouraging members to take actions that will positively impact their health, these actions also help educate members on various issues and the solutions they themselves can put into effect.

In addition, My Health In Motion offers valuable information, such as personalized health reports and tips, healthy recipes, videos and articles, as well as tools that help members track their progress toward meeting wellness goals.

More specialized workshops focus on the management of important health issues like Reducing Stress, Quitting Smoking, Managing Your Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes, and Asthma Basics.

My Health In Motion teaches participants that health is not just something that “happens” to them but something that they can actively influence by their attitude and action. 

Raising member awareness on their ability to positively impact their health and the health of their loved ones will, over time, encourage them to take a more active approach to their own health care and the health care of their family.

And that’s truly a good deed done.