At the Heart of Successful Sales

Some professionals believe that faith in the product line is what makes the difference in their sales. Others say that sales is a numbers game – the more people you contact, the more likely you are to succeed. Others believe sales come with repeat impressions – calling often and making yourself a fixture in the prospect’s life.

But there is a better explanation for an excellent sales record, and that is your integrity. The salesperson who is honest and truthful, who shares all the information they have, is more likely to make a sale that truly fits the client’s needs. This makes for a satisfied customer.

Integrity generates loyalty. By being truthful about your product’s benefits and costs in light of your client’s needs and budget, you are treating your client with respect. Customers see this, and a good impression can lead to them sharing news of your good work with others.

At the Heart of Successful Sales

What Constitutes Integrity When Selling Medical Insurance? 

Medical insurance is a must-have – promoting health and well-being, and protecting individuals from a financial crisis should they need high-cost care. 

Imagine having an infected appendix removed and suddenly ringing up $20,000 in hospital and surgical fees. Now imagine having that expense without medical insurance. Most people cannot predict what will go wrong with their health, but you can help them think about risks and how to manage them with medical insurance. The right policy fits with a prospect’s known and unknown health care needs, as well as with their budget.

Can your client afford the risk? Can she afford a policy with the smallest deductible? Will the most expensive policy make a difference? Are the risks and benefits, as well as the client’s ability to afford the policy, clear and understood? Answering truthfully during the conversation and recommending the right policy with the client’s best interests in mind is what it means to have integrity in sales.


How Does Integrity Help Me When Selling Medical Insurance?

Your best advertising is your reputation. It works as a powerful, unseen influencer, an irresistible prospect magnet. Nothing convinces an individual to buy medical insurance from you like positive testimony from a relative or friend. 

If people hear that you took the time to understand a client’s medical and financial needs, as well as to explain your products, you are very likely to enjoy the rewards that come with positive referrals. There is nothing more gratifying than an unexpected inquiry from someone who heard about your wise counsel from a friend or relative.

When you show an individual that you care about their ability to make the best-informed decision, your reputation will blossom and you will reap the rewards of genuine integrity.