Finding Your Way to the Close

Deciding how the closing of a sale should look is a big decision for anyone. If you’re too aggressive, your prospect might be turned off. If you back off too much, your client may feel that the process is too slow and you’re not invested. If you try to close before the client truly understands the real benefits and costs, it’s highly likely your sale will lead to difficulties for both you and the buyer.

It’s important to take the client with you down a clear and honest path toward a sale. You both know why you are there, so it’s no secret that you are going to ask a prospect for a commitment. That’s why we talk about the significance of integrity in “At the Heart of Successful Sales,” because how you guide the journey will define the success of your close.

Finding Your Way to the Close

There are no magic words for your close. But you do want to end with something motivational, comforting or powerful – it depends on what you’ve learned about your client’s needs and his or her personality. 

When you’ve been working with a client on a family plan, you know that the health and safety of a spouse or partner and any children are top priorities. For example, you might give a last reminder about the high quality medical care they will have in case of an emergency, “We all know things can happen, but wouldn’t it be nice to at least have some peace of mind – knowing that your family will get great care and you’ll be covered financially?”

When you are working with individuals, everyone knows they need health insurance, whether they’re 21 or 50. But what makes L.A. Care Covered different? If you’ve come to know that your client cares about causes or about their community, talk about the difference that L.A. Care makes. 

Just one of L.A Care’s community-based efforts is its network of Family Resource Centers. These five centers offer free exercise, health education and CPR/First aid classes. L.A. Care also gives grants to community organizations to treat the most vulnerable and those with the most complex conditions. And, L.A. Care has several committees that members can serve on to provide their community voice. So you might say, “Wouldn’t it be great to know that not only are you getting solid coverage that will protect you, but you’ll be a member of a plan that is giving back to the community?” 

This year, we have the greatest closing advantage by having the most affordable premium rates for Platinum, Gold and Silver in Los Angeles County. Prospects may naturally still have their guard up. But if you’ve laid the groundwork for the close by educating your prospect and being transparent about the policies and their costs, the close will come naturally. In the final moments of your conversation, the prospect will no longer hold you at a distance. That’s when, in your own words, you can confidently ask for the answer that means so much to both you and your client.