A Message from the Board Chair

Hector De La Torre

Embracing Innovative Ideas to Improve Member Health


Several months into my role as board chair, I can assure you that we are seizing every opportunity to take L.A. Care to the next level. This means everything we do is guided by the belief that our members come first.

It is a simple idea, but one that does not always prevail in the health insurance industry.

Earlier in my career as a member of the California State Assembly, I saw how health insurers all too often engaged in practices that neglected consumers' needs.

In fact, I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with insurance bureaucrats while my young daughter fought a life-threatening infection. Motivated by this ordeal and what other Californians experienced in their health care, I advanced health coverage legislation that put the consumer first.

Today, I am encouraged knowing there are not-for-profit insurers like L.A. Care in which staff — from those working directly with our members every day to the leadership team — care about providing the best health care to our members.

Every day, business decisions are made to prioritize what is best for our members, and to ensure access and quality. As you will see in this annual report, we are thinking creatively and embracing innovative ideas to improve our members' health. 

Lastly, as the largest public health plan in the country serving vulnerable populations, we have the absolute responsibility to be an advocate for our members because bigger is not always better.

At a time when access to affordable health care is under attack, standing on the sidelines is simply not an option. We have been vocal at the state and federal levels, and we will continue to be a voice for our members, and we will stand up for increasing access to quality health care.

Hector De La Torre
Board Chair, L.A. Care Health Plan