Board Members

Louse McCarthy
Community Clinics & Health Centers
Hector De La Torre
Health Plan/Health Insurance Expertise
Mark Gamble
Mark Gamble, Treasurer
Private Non-Disproportionate Share Hospitals
Al Ballesteros
Al Ballesteros, MBA
Federally Qualified Health Centers
Stephanie Booth
Stephanie Booth, M.D.
Physician Representative
Robert H. Curry
Robert H. Curry
Private Disproportionate Share Hospitals
Layla Delgado
Layla Delgado
Member Advocate
Christina Ghaly
Christina Ghaly, M.D.
L.A. County/Department of Health Services
Antonia Jiménez
Antonia Jiménez
L.A. County/Department of Public Social Services
Hilda Perez
Hilda Perez
Consumer Member
Mark Ridley-Thomas
Mark Ridley-Thomas
L.A. County/Board of Supervisors
Kimberly Uyeda
Kimberly Uyeda, M.D., MPH
Children's Health Care Providers