Updated March 27: Coronavirus information for membersproviders and resource center visitors.

Public Advisory Committee Meetings

Special Notice - Updated March 23: L.A. Care has cancelled all non-essential Board advisory committee meetings (RCAC, ECAC, TAC, CHCAC) until at least April 19, 2020. We are following the March 21 Los Angeles County public health order, which prohibits public group events and gatherings within the County.

Essential meetings of the Board of Governors and its committees will be held remotely by teleconference.

The public is encouraged to submit comments in writing for these meetings. You can e-mail public comments to Board Services. You can also send a text or leave a voicemail at 1-213-628-6420.

The text or email should let us know if you wish to be identified or remain anonymous. Please include the nature of the item to which your comment relates. This helps us determine if it is a general comment or related to a specific meeting agenda item. 

You can send your comment any time BEFORE the Board meeting discussion of that topic and it will be presented to the Board members during the meeting. The presider at the meeting will announce when public comment period is over. These instructions will be included in meeting agendas.

Children's Health Consultant Advisory Committee (CHCAC)    
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)    


Executive Community Advisory Committee (ECAC)    
Regional Community Advisory Committee (RCAC)