Financial Assistance

As a member of L.A. Care Covered™ not only will you be able to take advantage of L.A. Care’s competitive rates, you may also qualify for financial assistance to help pay for your coverage.

We want you to shop with confidence and know that you can get affordable coverage. There has been a lot of confusion about what changes President Trump made to the Affordable Care Act regarding subsidies and assistance for consumers. L.A. Care wants you to know:

  • There were two types of subsidies: one for health insurers, and one for consumers.
  • Both subsidies helped to reduce costs for consumers.
  • President Trump only stopped the subsidies to health insurers. 
  • The consumer subsidy is still available.

Most residents like you are still eligible for a consumer subsidy, and this is what is keeping your 2018 premium costs affordable.

During the annual Open Enrollment period, L.A. Care encourages you to shop for the best health plan for you and your family, knowing that assistance is available. As a matter of fact, ninety percent of people enrolled in Covered California™ receive financial assistance to help them pay for their health coverage. 

Health coverage is extremely important, both to promote your wellness and well-being, and in case of emergencies or a serious illness. While the 2018 Open Enrollment period is now closed, it will reopen in the fall later this year. But certain life events still make you eligible to apply for health coverage through Special Enrollment, such as marriage or losing a job. Please take a look at L.A. Care's Enrollment Periods to learn more about Special Enrollment. 

Help with monthly premiums

Get help with paying your monthly premiums with premiums tax credits, also known as Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC). To be eligible for premium tax credits, your income must be at or below four times the Federal Poverty Level. To find out if you are eligible for premium tax credits, please review the income guidelines.

L.A. Care Covered Direct™ Plan 

If you do not qualify for financial assistance or prefer to purchase health coverage from us, you can apply for coverage directly with L.A. Care Health Plan. We offer the same benefits and services through our five (5) L.A. Care Covered Direct™ plans.  For help selecting the best L.A. Care Covered Direct™ plan or information about enrollment, call us at 1-855-222-4239 (TTY/TDD 711). If you are ready to apply, you may download and complete the application.