"BE COVERED" Campaign Launched

November 2018

Be Covered When Life Happens - L.A. Care advertisement

L.A. Care launched the "Be Covered" campaign to encourage Angelenos to get health care coverage through Covered California's 2019 Sign-up Period.

Knowing that individuals may forego insurance because of the termination of the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate, L.A. Care is reminding the public that life happens, and it is full of unexpected events, including ones that affect their health.

With this campaign, L.A. Care is reaffirming its commitment to improving the health of Angelenos by communicating the need to have health coverage through all the stages of life. No one plans to get sick or injured, and medical treatment can be very costly — a broken leg can cost thousands of dollars. Preventive care keeps you on top of your health and access to regular screening tests is also important — early detection saves lives.

Having health insurance gives individuals peace of mind about the unexpected. Look for one of the "Be Covered" billboards, bus shelter, train station and transit posters all around Los Angeles County!