Monday, November 27, 2017

The coming holiday season is that time of year when we express our thankfulness for our friends and family. It's also a great time to thank those who care for us as a community, especially those who tend to the people most in need, and who otherwise might be forgotten.

The Center for Community Health is a perfect example of this selfless commitment to provide care to others. Located in the heart of downtown's Skid Row, the Center is a critical part of the safety net that serves the most vulnerable members of our Los Angeles community. The Center is one of the JWCH Institute's Wesley Health Centers, which provide health care services and run a number of programs throughout the county. 

The Center provides medical care with a "one-stop shop" approach, incorporating dental and vision care, podiatry, pharmacy and mental health services into one building. This is vital for their clients, as the Center recognized that health care is not a top priority for this homeless population, even though the prevalence of health problems is extremely high. Having to go to various places for different types of care would simply not be feasible for these individuals. The Center serves L.A. Care members, and as part of its efforts to support such safety net clinics, L.A. Care provides funding to the Center for dental care services.

I didn't have no insurance, didn't know nothing about no insurance, cause I never get sick, right? But now that I need it, I use it. I can go to the doctor, go to the hospital, all cause of L.A. Care...I feel better with life now. I want to live and live long.

-- Rubin Crenshaw
L.A. Care Member and patient at the Center for Community Health

L.A. Care would like to thank the Center for being a partner in our safety net efforts. We're proud to have the opportunity to feature their incredible staff and clients in our latest Spotlight video:

Learn more about the Center at the JWCH Institute site.


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