L.A. Care’s Chief Quality and Information Executive Offers Health Informatics Career Advice in a New Book

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Information Age, which began in the 1970s, continues to provide new opportunities for all who are willing to take advantage of the ever-advancing technology. An upcoming book titled, Tomorrow’s Jobs Today: Wisdom And Career Advice From Thought Leaders In AI, Big Data, Blockchain, The Internet Of Things, Privacy, And More will share the hands-on experiences of professionals in various fields who are doing just that. Among the professionals featured in the books is Katrina Miller Parrish, MD, FAAFP, the L.A. Care Chief Quality and Information Executive. Parrish contributed to a chapter in the book focused on health informatics.

In the interview that was the basis for the chapter, Parrish, who previously practiced family medicine, was asked about the benefits of interoperability in health information. She said interoperability is particularly important for population health management. She says the more information that is gathered, the more the health plan understands about its members, providers and network, the better for public health.

Parrish explained the challenges of gathering information while dealing with government regulations, privacy and different technologies. Parrish says in L.A. Care’s network of providers there are about 80 different Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) being used, which can impact the timely processing of the information being gathered. Parrish praises L.A. Care’s leadership for providing the support the information team needs to meet the health plan’s goals.

Tomorrow’s Jobs Today offers insights for success from a broad range of information and technology professionals. The book hits store shelves on May 1.


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