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Health Library

L.A. Care wants you to stay healthy and happy, and you don’t have to do it alone. National Health Observances like October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month provide lots of opportunities to participate in events and learn together about healthy living.

L.A. Care’s Health Library features links to information and activities on topics related to National Health Observances and other important times of the year.

Check back often to see what’s happening in your community!


February is American Heart Month - Get Heart Healthy!


January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month - Make time for a PAP test!


November is American Diabetes Month - Are You At Risk?

It's Flu Season - Feel Better Soon Without Antibiotics

Caregiver Education - Taking Care of the Caregivers


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Think Pink!


September is Hispanic Heritage Month - Learn about health issues facing the Latino community.


It's Time For A Check-Up - School starts in August and September, which means it’s time for your child’s yearly check-up.