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The Covered California™ Enrollment Period is now open until August 31. If you or your family need coverage, we can help you apply.

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Affected by COVID-19 and Need Health Coverage?

During these challenging times, we are even more committed to helping everyone get access to quality healthcare.

Covered California extended the Enrollment Period due to the life-changing impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

You can now apply for health care coverage until August 31. Financial assistance is still available. Find out how L.A. Care can provide coverage for you, your family, and loved ones.

Shop plans, view FAQs, or find estimated premiums using our calculator tool.

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Ready to Apply?

Our L.A. Care Covered ™ representatives provide confidential enrollment services and one-on-one help at 1.855.222.4239 (TTY/TDD 711).

We can help fill out the online application for you, as well as answer questions about plan benefits and services.

Need Financial Assistance?

Even more help is here for you in 2020. New state subsidies will make many more Angelenos eligible for financial assistance, including families of four making up to $154,500.

Ninety percent of people enrolled in Covered California receive financial assistance to help them pay for their health coverage. This is primarily through a tax credit, which can be applied throughout the year to lower your premiums, or claimed at tax time.

Please call us at 1.855.222.4239 (TTY 711) and we’ll help see if you qualify.


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Talk to an L.A. Care representative at 1-855-222-4239 (TTY 711) or message us for help choosing a health plan.

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