L.A. Care Providers: The 2021 application cycle for the CalHealthCares loan repayment program closes on Friday, February 26.


In The News

Feb 24, 2021
L.A. Care's CMO discusses the single-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, which is deemed safe and effective.... Read more
Feb 08, 2021
L.A. Care's CMO weighs in on vaccine hesitancy and side effects, urging patience while waiting for the vaccine.... Read more
Feb 02, 2021
L.A. Care Medical Director for Quality, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion weighs in on new state plan.... Read more

News Releases

Feb 25, 2021
Senate Bill 17 instructs the state Department of Public Health to work with various state offices to address racism.... Read more
Feb 22, 2021
L.A. Care is holding its third annual Provider Recognition Awards on Thursday with a virtual ceremony.... Read more
Feb 19, 2021
The two health plans will be sponsoring or hosting dozens of free food pantries to address COVID-related food insecurity.... Read more

Our Viewpoint

Feb 18, 2021
Homeless shelters and encampments are high-risk residential settings where age-based vaccination is not adequate.... Read more
Feb 12, 2021
The governor's proposal to suspend diversion of Prop 56 funds for just one year, threatens future Medi-Cal funding.... Read more
Feb 09, 2021
L.A. Care's Medical Director for Behavioral Health offers his perspective on why children have suffered during the pandemic.... Read more