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L.A. Care's History

News Archive

L.A. Care successfully completed the California Department of Health Care Services program, helping providers used EHRs in a meaningful way.
L.A. Care's Chief Medical Officer discusses the logistics of distributing a COVID-19 vaccine.
Wendy Schiffer will give a seven-minute presenation on L.A. Care's In-Home Supportive Services and Home Care Training Program.
L.A. Care's CEO weighs in on how Congress can protect the Affordable Care Act.
The residency grants to four medical institutions are part of L.A. Care's $155 million Elevating the Safety Net initiative.
L.A. Care's Chief Medical Officer says health outcomes improve when the physican and patient share a common language.
L.A. Care's Chief Medical Officer says remote patient monitoring is a good complement to telehealth, which has grown during the pandemic.
L.A. Care's Inglewood Family Resource Center hosts a drive-thru clinic that will also provide grocery gift cards.