Payroll and Workforce Time and Attendance System RFP


L.A. Care is issuing this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) to solicit proposals for providing a Payroll and WorkForce Time Management system. Interested Bidders may submit a proposal (“Proposal”) containing the information requested in this RFP.

1.1 L.A. Care is in need of 

  • A solution that unifies payroll and human resources data that is more adaptable to L.A. Care’s complex timekeeping and payroll needs such as multiple approvers at an entry level, workflow for timekeeping functions, and related payroll capabilities at a supervisory level
  • A solution that has stronger capabilities to support compliance with state and federal wage and hour laws and regulations and L.A. Care’s HR policies
  • A more robust internal control environment that significantly decreases manual processes; thus, substantially reducing the human element of errors, and provides greater visibility of timecards
  • Time savings on administrative functions

1.2 Required Deliverables include

  • A Total Tax Service that keeps up with constantly changing federal, state and local tax regulations, which will help avoid tax penalties and interest on late or noncompliant payments
  • The ability to automatically file payroll tax returns and deposit tax obligations to the proper agencies to be in compliance with the law
  • Customized Reports / Deductions Tracking and Reporting for loan repayments, garnishments, health insurance, and/or retirement deductions
  • Paid Time Off accrual and tracking
  • Direct Deposit
  • Leave of Absence management
  • Electronic Payroll Reports
  • New Hire Reports


The following terms and conditions apply to the submission of proposals.

2.1 Letter of Intent ("LOI")

The LOI is required prior to submission of an RFP response. The letter must be submitted to L.A. Care Health Plan, attention: Brittney Gordon, Buyer, no later than Thursday, August 17, 2017. Please submit the signed letter via e-mail to the address listed below. Letters must contain the following:

  • Name of the vendor, address, and phone number
  • Name, address, phone and fax number, and e-mail address of the person responsible/contact for the RFP response
  • Brief description of the qualifications and experience of the vendor

2.2 Proposal timetable. The timetable for this RFP is as follows:

Activity Date

Release of Request For Proposal


Letter of Intent (LOI) Due to L.A. Care


Written Questions Due to L.A. Care


Questions and Answers Released


RFP Proposals Due (No Exceptions)


Finalist Selections Made


Finalist Interviews

9/25/17 - 9/29/17

Vendor Selected


Preparation and submission of a Proposal by interested Bidders will be at no cost or obligation to L.A. Care. L.A. Care reserves the right to terminate its efforts to contract for said services without obligation. Proposals and other materials submitted will become the property of L.A. Care and will not be returned. Your proposal must not be marked proprietary or confidential. Please note that L.A. Care is subject to the California Public Records Act.

2.3 Submission of proposals. Proposals shall be submitted to L.A. Care, as follows:

  • An electronic copy shall be submitted

A partial version of the RFP is available as a PDF document under Resources.